What are my options after leaving The Enterprise Learning Alliance?

‘Get the Jump’, Skills for Life has been created by the National Careers Service  to help you understand all your different education and training choices, how they compare and where they can lead. 


Below are some useful links to help you decide your aspirational careers pathway.

This link takes you to the DfE Careers Pathway page where you can search current earnings for a wide range of careers by clicking on the industry overview tab at the top. 

You can also click on the Qualifications Pathway tab to see what level and type of qualifications people have for many chosen career pathways.

Unit for Future Skills - Career Explorer Dashboard (shinyapps.io)


Lets you explore jobs by sector, by subject, or starting with what’s important to you.


Find a career based on your interests using:

BBC Bitesize lets you search for careers alphabetically with its Careers A to Z 


College and Further Education

If you are interested in continuing into further education then there are many options available to you in local sixth form and colleges. Information on local college courses can be found by following the link below and clicking on an individual campus.




If you are interested in an apprenticeship where you can earn money while you learn please click the link for more information. Apprenticeship


Have a look at these apprenticeship stories or search for apprenticeships based on your interests and location.


For up to date labour market information please click on this link LMI For All – LMI For All 

Adzuna is a job vacancy page that displays additional information about chosen career pathways. It shows the current average salary for a variety of jobs. It also shows the number of current vacancies both nationally and locally. There is a lot of information to help you choose a job or career. Please click on this link https://www.adzuna.co.uk/ to visit the site.