FLO/Attendance  : Hannah Gifford  (Southwood)                        Alison Coyle : FLO/Attendance (Westwood & Northwood)




At Enterprise Learning Alliance, we as Family Liaison Officers or FLO's are the link between home and school.

We aim to build and maintain positive relationships between parents, pupils and school. We are a point of contact between home and school to help with any difficulties our pupils or their families may face.

We can help our families access help from a variety of professionals specialising in many different areas. We can visit families at home or accompany them into school meetings and liaise with professionals on behalf of the family. Our ultimate goal is to make school and home a partnership.

We are here to help and support our pupils education .

Hannah Gifford : 07543221697 - Southwood

Alison Coyle : 07702514670 - Westwood & Northwood

Natalie Miller : Westwood & Northwood


Attendance Matters Leaflet for Parents and Pupils