Primary referrals (Little Oaks) which have been agreed through LIFT are sent to Nick Waters.

Secondary Referrals are sent to Michaela Clay. These are then sent to Sam Burton who then allocates specific Learning Mentors to provide individualised support programmes depending on the students needs. We are lucky to have a team of 9 intervention team where there is  a wide range of strengths, qualities and talent when working with young people with a  mixture of experiences across all key stages. Programmes can be adapted to suit the needs of the students, whether this means the mentors support the student in the classroom with other students, in small groups, one to one in the classroom , out the class room and sometimes off site. The needs of the student also varies from academic support, attendance support or/and emotional support.


Mentors are also key in our Centres, helping centres where individual students have  missed sessions and need to catch up. With mentors in the centre it enables students to work closely one to one to  build skills and qualifications. Also by seeing the mentors in centres promotes professional relationships for when students reintegrate back to school and can recognise a familiar face.