Class Charts software:


Home schooling:

Whilst ELA remains partially closed, school work for pupils can be accessed online through your class charts portal.

Teachers will be setting work daily online for your child/ward to complete. You can either upload the work back, or complete the work in a book at home, or upload a photo of your work to the tutor.

Staff individual emails are located in the staff list, and you can email them for any additional support with your work.




Class Charts monitors our pupils behaviour throughout the day, giving data rich information on positive and negative behaviour.

Both parents and pupils can monitor a pupils behaviour online. (codes for your child/ward can be obtained from your child/wards' centre).

This is a great tool for us to reward good behaviour and implement different strategies to pupils behaviour.

To log in : First click the logo below, then for parents click the parent link, for pupils click the pupil link.




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