Students were invited to contribute to the Ash Project, which engaged them in an urgent cultural response to the destructive effects of Ash dieback, that is devastating woodlands and landscapes across Kent.


As part of the project, students were engaged in a half-day workshop with a Forest School Lead. During this day, our guest shared samples of trees that were healthy and diseased. He explained how students could determine the life of a tree and asked them to document their own life span to date, through the process of drawing the number of rings representative of their age, documenting important moments through mark making techniques.


During the site visit to Brockhill park, Folkestone, students ventured deep into the forest. They each learnt how to yield woodland tools, to chop wood and carve it to produce tinder to make a fire. This fire was then used to cook our lunch and blast clay beads, which the students hand crafted.


The experience was truly rewarding and students have made a personal request to the Forest Lead, if they may return during the next academic year."