3 December 2019

ELA Raise £129.81 for Children in Need

Pupils and staff at Enterprise Learning Alliance have raised a total of £129.81 for Children in Need. Thank you so much to all your Centre efforts in raising money for Children in need this year

14 November 2019

Far Academy Skate Foundation

Pupils from Project 15 attended the Far Academy Skate Foundation to design and make a skateboard.

19 September 2019

Young Writer's Anthology 2019

Vincent's entry for the Young Writer's Poetry Escape Competition was selected from 8,000 entries and is to be published in the Young Writer's Poetry Anthology 2019.

15 July 2019

Crime in Our Time Exhibit

Crowsnest have been working in partnership with KS3 and 4 students from the Enterprise Learning Alliance to host an exhibition in support of the student’s Art studies, held at My Gallery on Dover’s seafront.

24 June 2019

UCA Trip

Students were invited to UCA in Canterbury to engage in a Plaster Casting workshop and tour the campus.

13 May 2019

UCLA Clay workshop 2

UCA Art Tutor and artist Emily Rose Parris returned to centre to deliver a Clay Modelling workshop. During her visit the artist gave a short demonstration to the students, showing them how to handle the clay and proposing possible items they could craft. {gallery:clay workshop}

13 May 2019

Crowsnest and My Gallery: Collagraph Workshop

KS4 students revisited My Gallery, in support of their end of year Art exhibition and engaged in a Collagraph Print making workshop with artist Nicola Priest.

2 May 2019

Trip to Hawthorne trenches

Gina Pretlove discovered a wonderful hidden gem in the valley of Elham on Roundhill Farm called Hawthorne Trenches.

2 May 2019

Dover Skills Duke of Edinburgh trip

Four pupils from Dover Skills completed their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award on Wednesday 1st May.

2 May 2019

Inspire through Sport

Fil Kamps from 'Inspire Through Sport' came to visit Dover Skills and Southwood on Thursday 21st March.

24 April 2019

Comic Relief

ELA managed to raise £57.28 for Comic Relief, thank you to all donations made on the day.

22 March 2019

UCA Lino Printing Workshop

UCA has recently offered to fund a second qualification in Art for students from Dover. This is an exciting and rare opportunity that will allow students to partake in a series of workshops, broadening their experiences and enhancing their skills.