A Media Tutor, from Canterbury Christ Church (CCCU) visited students at Southwood KS4 to deliver a ‘Stop Frame Animation Workshop’ in support of the production of a personalised E-Blog about ‘Local Life’.


‘Stop Frame Animation’, is a digital photographic process, which was used to produce beloved characters, such as Wallace and Gromit and Morph. The process involves producers creating a scene and characters, that is photographed multiple times with every movement and change in the creation. The series of stills are then edited to make a final film.


For this unit students were tasked with developing a blog for a target audience of 14-16 year olds. They could choose any theme of interest as long as it complimented the overarching theme ‘Local Life’.


Many of our students have decided to look at local crime life and the effects drugs have upon individuals. To make the topic engaging for the target audience, some students have opted to make their ‘Stop Frame Animation’ comical, depicting scenes of violence in Plastercine forms and Lego scenes